About me


I’m CEO & Co-founder of Codacy, a company I started with Caxaria. We create great software for software builders. We’re now working on a new product that helps to understand engineering performance: Pulse.

In this website: I write about things that are interesting to me; I’m willing to be wrong in the opinions I share; No clickbait or content marketing, only articles I’m proud of.

I enjoy reading far and wide. This means my interests change over time. What I’m interested in exploring (as of March 2021):

  • Psychology (namely decision-making, agency theory and costs)
  • Probability and statistics
  • The Julia programming language
  • Effective and mindful parenting

Free time is dedicated to ifb, reading, surfing + stand up paddle, Brazilian Jiu jitsu 1.


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Publications or people I follow


  • Notion, for all my daily todos and to organize myself.
  • Obsidian, where I keep my personal knowledge base of all the permanent notes I collect. I maintain a Zettlekasten.
  • Ipad + Noteshelf for all note taking + thinking.
  • Gmail + inbox zero.
  • Kindle + physical notebook (+ a nice fountain pen my team gave me at Christmas which I’m fond of).
  • Goodreads and Amazon wishlist to keep track of my book list.
  • This website: Gatsby, Netlify, Visual Studio, Lumen template.

  1. Unfortunately, BJJ is not Covid friendly so I haven’t practiced it for some time